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Model Family Violence Policy

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Whereas family violence affects the lives and impacts on the safety of hundreds of NewBrunswick employees each day,

Whereas, family violence enters the workplace impacting on the safety of both victims and co-workers, and results in lost productivity, increased health care costs, increased absenteeism and increased employee turnover,

It is the policy of __________________________that each of our employees has the right to work in an environment free of violence. Moreover, every employee has the right to seek assistance [through the Employee Assistance Program] with issues in relation to violence, even when it is happening outside of the workplace. Violence, as defined in this policy, means a pattern of coercive tactics in which one person seeks to hurt or intimidate another through the use of physical force, verbal harassment or manipulation in order to establish and maintain power and control over the victim.

Therefore, we will use a variety of methods, including:

I. Employee Awareness

• We will disseminate a statement that states our opposition to all acts of violence, including family violence, to all our employees/supervisors/managers.

• We will post copies of the family violence policy, information posters and other media prominently in areas accessible to employees, customers and suppliers.

• We will provide information to all employees about services available, [through our EAP] to help employees deal with any issues related to workplace or family violence.

II. Workplace Safety

• We will seek to eliminate the potential for violence in and around the workplace by reviewing our workplace environment and minimizing, where possible, physical attributes which may expose our employees to violent acts.

• We will provide reasonable means to consult with and assist victimized employees in developing and implementing individualized workplace safety plans [consistent with existing collective bargaining agreements].

• We will enforce all known court orders, particularly orders telling the abuser to stay away from the work site.

• We will have an emergency security plan with procedures for contacting the police when employees observe anyone engaging in threatening behaviour.

• We will explore options for voluntary relocation of the victimized employee, escort for entry and exit of the building, and dealing with harassing telephone, email and faxes.

III. Supportive and Non-Discriminatory Policies

• We will take reasonable measures to develop policies, practices and measures that deal with employee absenteeism, productivity, safety, and requirements for support and counselling related to family violence.

• We will ensure that our policies and practices do not discriminate against employees experiencing family violence and we will be responsive to their needs as victims.

• We will not base staffing decisions on any assumption about or knowledge of an employee’s exposure to family violence.

IV. Training

• We will make training on family violence and its impact on the workplace available on a regular basis for all managers, supervisors, human resources staff, and security staff.

• We will train staff on signs of family violence, impacts on workplace, making appropriate referrals, confidentiality, individualized responses and safety plans.

V. Responsibility for Policy

• We will ensure that all managers and supervisors follow the policy and disseminate copies to all employees upon implementation and all new employees.

• Employees with questions or complaints about family violence related workplace behaviours that fall under this policy, may discuss them with _____________. Concerns will be addressed.

We believe that helping to prevent violence in the workplace and in the family is our company’s business and will help foster a safer society.